Subway Expansion Plan

Subway Expansion Plan

Toronto, ON - Mayoral candidate Frank D'Amico has unveiled his plan for a major subway expansion that will improve the transit experience for people across the Greater Toronto Area. This initiative will not only make it easier and more convenient to get around, but will also create jobs and stimulate the economy.

The plan includes expanding Line 1 Subway from Vaughan Centre to Vaughan Mills Mall & Canadas Wonderland, as well as expanding Line 2 Subway into Mississauga with 3 new stops at Dixie & Dundas, Cathraw & Dundas, and Square one Mall (Hurontario). In addition, Line 4 Subway will be expanded with new stops at Bathurst & Sheppard West and Sheppard West Station.

But what makes this expansion plan particularly innovative is that it will be funded entirely by private sector development, so taxpayers will not have to foot the bill. This approach ensures that the transit expansion is both fiscally responsible and sustainable for the long-term.

Furthermore, the subway expansion plan includes state-of-the-art subway safety barriers that will protect passengers and improve the overall safety of the transit system. This investment in safety is a top priority for D'Amico and his team.

"I am committed to making public transit more accessible, efficient, and safe for all Torontonians," said D'Amico. "This expansion plan will help us achieve that goal and also stimulate economic growth and job creation in our city."

The expansion plan is expected to create thousands of new jobs in construction, engineering, and other industries, providing a much-needed boost to the local economy. It will also make it easier for people to get to work, school, and other destinations, improving quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

I look forward to working with our partners in the private sector to make this subway expansion plan a reality. Together, we can build a better and more connected city for everyone.

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