Transit Safety Improvements

Transit Safety Improvements

Mayoral candidate Frank D'Amico has unveiled his plans to improve transit safety for all riders in the city. D'Amico has proposed several measures to address the concerns of commuters and make Toronto's transit system safer and more efficient.

One of the key elements of D'Amico's plan is the use of technology and the full enforcement of the law to crack down on repeat offenders of crime or fare evasion. He believes that this approach will help to deter criminal activity and improve safety for all riders.

D'Amico has also called for the removal of the free pass lane at all TTC stations, as he believes that this has led to an increase in fare evasion and criminal activity. In its place, he has proposed a more comprehensive fare system that will ensure that all riders pay their fair share.

Another important element of D'Amico's transit safety plan is an overhaul of the outdated TTC transfer program. He believes that this program is in dire need of modernization, and that a more streamlined and efficient system will help to reduce wait times and improve overall rider experience.

Finally, D'Amico has called for the installation of subway platform barriers at all TTC stations. He believes that this measure will significantly improve transit safety by preventing accidents and reducing the risk of injury or death on subway platforms.

Overall, Frank D'Amico's transit safety plan is a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to improving the safety and efficiency of Toronto's transit system. By implementing these measures, he hopes to create a safer and more accessible transit system for all riders in the city.

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